Spring is Here


Beautiful Daffodils, fragrant Jasmines, miniature button ferns and String of Pearls plant strands are arranged in a shallow conical glass vase.  I enjoyed creating it for my dinner table to welcome Spring and Easter.

Design by: Araxsession


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here

  1. Robin says:

    What a lovely Easter arrangement! The combination of different sizes of flowers next to each other evoke a sense of all-life awakening in Spring. Love the use of Pearl plant instead of leaves as it introduces green colour discreetly. I can almost smell the arrangement!!
    I love all your arrangements and look forward to the next one.

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    • araxsession says:

      Hello Robin,
      Thank you for visiting my page and for the lovely comment. Your words are encouraging and I look forward to reading more of your comments on my future posts.


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